Amethyst Moon


What can we say about 2020? Its been a difficult year for many. Part of it has been for us to learn, part is to change, and part is to be rethinking our thinking.

I started out this whole virus optimistic and excited about bringing family close and sharing knowledge and passing down many things I knew from my family and culture. It was exciting to think about sharing and spending quality time as we were all asked to stay indoors.

Not everyone viewed it as I did. So, lots was learned by me from this experience. And learning always makes me grateful.

Oh, don't misunderstand, I too have had many times of digging in my heels, but once I realized how stuck I was becoming I chose to take the shoes off and allow myself freedom.

Freedom to look at changes

Freedom to listen to others

Freedom to learn from others and not just teach

Freedom to grow

Freedom to continuing my learning and education

Freedom to experience the basics and live in the moment.

Freedom to even get to know me even better.

These are things I didn't anticipate would come out of this pandemic.

Along with the knowledge this is still a process of learning and reaching out and going inside. Quite a combination of all.

Sharing this I would like to say that I have taken classes to raise my Vibration and be able to do online Reiki and Karuna Reiki Classes with attunements online.

I have been doing readings Tarot, Intuitive and Mediumship via zoom, FaceTime and phone.

Things are changing and we can stay stuck – but after a while it does get uncomfortable. Everything is done in our time as we are ready or when we are so miserable that we can only move up and forward.

​So lets grow and change together

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